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What is included in your wedding package? Check out over 500 wedding cakes in our Constantly-Updated Photo Gallery from the comfort and convenience of your own home. Cakes are continuously added to Face Book and Instagram as well. Our wedding cakes photo gallery is grouped by Butter Cream Frostings and Fondant Frostings. Butter cream frosting is included in your wedding package. Fondant is an upgrade. Fondant cakes are priced on the amount of labor involved. Each one is individual in itself. Check out both. Observe the difference! Because our frosting is very light, we do not exclude the buttercream frosting ..we add the fondant over it.

What is Included with Your Cake:

  • Butter Cream Frosting
  • Any flavor
  • Any filling – Please note: Round cakes have 2 layers of filling and square cakes only have one layer of filling.
  • Any frosting pattern – Ornate scroll design and basket weave additional. (We welcome other designs as well)

Basic cupcakes are included in wedding packages, however, there is a charge for the cupcake stand. This cost includes all the boards and risers for the tiers.

Frosting flowers within reason are also available at no additional charge. However, hand-molded or gum paste flowers are labor intensive and may incur an additional charge.


Ribbons create a contemporary, clean, sophisticated look for today’s brides. We are happy to provide the ribbon of your choice of color unless it is a color we may not have . In this case,ribbon would be provided by the bride . We recommend “satin-like” or “grosgrain” ribbons to go around the base of the cakes. These lie flat and do not have a tendency to wrinkle as ribbon with wire will. You will have great luck finding a nice selection at Joanne FabricsTM or MichaelsTM. Typically, two spools (6 yards total) of your preferred ribbon will suffice. Generally, 1 1/2″ width is great. Use one inch for smaller cakes.


Fondants are “Today’s Sophisticated Trend” as seen in all the wedding magazines and on the food network stations. There are many misnomers about fondant. Our brides do see a difference at our tastings. As anything else in life, some are good and some are not. Ask us for a sample!

Our fondant is not a subtraction of our butter cream. It is an addition. It is not too sweet. It is a nice accompaniment to the cake placed over the butter cream. You really get the best of both worlds by adding the two together!

Butter cream is applied onto the cake with a spatula and can be somewhat limited; whereas fondant is molded over the butter cream. It is a product that lends itself to either an elegant, clean slate where finer designs can be drawn, or it can be molded, draped, cut, colored, stenciled, marbleized, etc. Basically, anything you can do with modeling clay, you can accomplish with fondant. The sky’s the limit!


Call us and we will be happy to accommodate you with a sundry of samples!

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