Flavors & Fillings



How long have you been in business?

We have enjoyed being one of the top leaders in the wedding industry, and licensed bakeries of wedding cakes for over 30 years. We have created over 30,000 wedding cakes alone! Because we concentrate strictly on cakes, our specialty being wedding cakes, we have been able to produce the utmost quality control of our product.

Why buy from Creative Cakes by Donna?

Creative Cakes give you the BEST! We are very passionate about our cakes. We are well known and respected in the wedding industry and banquet facilities throughout Connecticut, Western Mass, and Rhode Island. At Creative Cakes we take personal pride in putting out our best, most superior wedding cakes for our brides. We bake with the freshest ingredients, never frozen. We pride ourselves in our cakes being very moist. Our fillings are very light (not thick and gooey), and our frosting is not overly sweet or greasy. It is a true butter cream and a wonderful compliment to any cake you may choose. (People will actually eat our frosting!) Think about it. Because our concentration is on only one product, if we didn’t do it exceptionally well, we would have been out of business a long time ago!

Do you deliver to Newport, Rhode Island and Mass?

Yes, however, we do have a minimum required along with a delivery charge due to the distance.

What is fondant and why do people say it’s very sweet?

Fondants are the rage today and seen in many of the wedding style magazines and on TV. They hold a very elegant look and “the sky is the limit” with creativity! The trend today is “less is best” and the fondant cakes show this off extremely well. There are many types of fondants. Most people think of fondant as the very sweet confection that is poured over mini petti fours or cookies. The fondant we use is a European confection recipe that is rolled out and molded over the cake to create a smooth, sleek, and clean line. It is known as a sugar paste and is not very sweet at all. Furthermore, because our butter cream is a true butter cream and is very light, our fondant is molded over our butter cream. This way you get the best of both worlds. The awesome and light taste of butter cream and the elegant and unique look of fondant.

Is it a good idea to do different flavors?

Its up to you. However, we think it’s impossible to please everyone with a particular flavor. Because it is your special wedding day, we believe that you should be able to choose the flavor that you and your fiancĂ© like and agree upon. Even though you are trying to be a “nice guy” and let people choose, generally the wedding facility cuts the cake and passes it out many times without asking. If they were to ask, it would certainly slow down your moving on with your festivities. Also, one flavor could be more popular than another, lending itself to disappointing your guests when you run out. Be daring and go with something different and delicious! Think of it as a wonderful gourmet dessert! There is certainly enough food to go around!

What is included in “our” wedding packages at our facility?

Because we offer a sundry of flavors and fillings here and all is custom; when searching for your wedding cake, choose any flavor cake, any filling you wish, and any buttercream frosting design you may desire. We would be happy to accommodate you with fresh flowers for a nominal charge.

Because fondant cakes can be very labor intensive, we regret to inform you that they are not included in wedding packages. They start at $2.00 per slice and are priced on an individual basis depending the amount of workmanship involved.

What if our facility does not include our cake?

Creative Cakes wedding cakes are very reasonably priced. Please call us and set up an appointment .

Can you give us any additional advice?

As With Everything – Buyer Beware!

Wedding cakes are no exception! You only get one shot! And you can only get a wedding cake once in your life. At your wedding! Pies and cupcakes you can get all year round. You won’t know until it is too late!

Beware of ordering your cake from an unlicensed baker. (We are usually bailing them out at your cost at the last minute.)

Beware of someone new in business. Give them a full year or more in business to get their feet wet. It is a seasonal business and many people go out of business as fast as they go in, sometimes leaving a mess behind. Don’t let that be you. Ask for a proven track record.

Beware of a baker who has diversified to capture more of the wedding market such as flowers, balloons, etc. (other than those for the cake). They have the potential to make themselves crazy and over-promise.

Beware of competitors who slander another business. It is truly unprofessional! And usually untrue. Their product should stand on their own merit! And most of all, make sure the cakes are moist and fresh. Make sure people will enjoy all of it – the cake, filling, and frosting. Remember, a cake should not just look pretty. It should also taste great!

How can we go about ordering our wedding cake?

There are many ways to go about ordering a wedding cake from us.

For those of you who have had our cakes or have tasted our cakes at bridal shows, just choose a cake from our photo gallery on our web site and we will be happy to guide you through it when you call us. It works well for the very busy, and is a very easy and stressless way to get a beautiful product. Photos can be mixed and matched between frosting designs and flower arrangements.

Follow Step Number 1.

Later, call us when you are in the area and we will be more than happy to box you up some samples to take home with you to evaluate on your own time.

Set up an appointment and come and see us.

Can we bring in photos from a magazine if we find something we like?

Absolutely! Our designs come from all over the world! Creative people love new ideas and challenges! If you’d like to email us a photo, please leave your daytime phone number and the date of your wedding and we will contact you.

Creative Cakes by Donna knows cakes! We’ve been successfully making brides ecstatic about their cakes for over 30 years! We take pride in what we do! Ask around!